Improve Sales with our Forecourt Windscreen Stickers

by Will Plane

car sales stickers

Check out our new range of window cling stickers for car garages and automotive sales. Made from a durable 160 micron white self cling or 'static' material they're available in a host of designs and colours to match your business. Our windscreen display stickers have proven very popular over recent years by garage owners and dealerships as a low cost quick and easy method of promoting vehicle sales, advertising and increasing general conversions.

A great advantage is the fact there's no glue. The sticker stays on the windscreen like magic and can be removed and reused as much many times as yo like. The soft PVC clinging vinyl is very easy to work with and can be applied by simply peeling away from the backing sheet and applying to the glass on the inside of the screen. Leaves no mess or marks behind and is easily stored, what more could you ask for?

You can select from over 20 popular sales slogans ranging from diesel, automatic, warranty, service history to name but a few! All are an inexpensive sales tool that will help promote your stock 7 days a week.


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