The Benefits of Workwear Bundles

If you’re looking to kit out your staff, then there’s no better way of doing it than with our workwear bundles and package deals. Buying personalised embroidered workwear in bulk can benefit you enormously, letting you order staff uniforms at a reduced cost.

Workwear Bundles

In this article, we’re going to look at all the ways buying workwear bundles can benefit your business and help to make your enterprise more successful, both short and long term. Check out the following:


Kit Out A Group Of Employees On A Budget


Kitting out your staff shouldn’t cost a fortune. In fact, it should be just like anything else: when you buy in bulk, you should pay less. With workwear bundles and package deals, this is what you get. The more uniforms you order for your people, the lower the cost of each unit.

Workwear bundles, therefore, are an excellent option for companies that are working to a budget. If you only have so much money in the bank to pay for uniforms, then bundles can be a godsend. You’re able to stay within budget, satisfying the finance team, managers and the executives at your company (if that’s not you!).


Save Money With Workwear Bundles


The amount of money you can save by ordering workwear bundles is substantial. Many firms are surprised by just how significant discounts can be. Ordering workwear shouldn’t just be inexpensive per individual unit, but it should also help you get your total costs down - that is, the raw amount of money you pay for uniforms.


Large Range Of Garments Available


Here at Storefront Graphics, we want to provide customers with as many different types of personalisable workwear garments as possible. The reason for this is simple: not all businesses have the same needs. Some require jackets; others, polo shirts. It all depends.

While many professional workwear companies offer bulk discounts, they won’t always do so on package deals. Again, we wanted to change all this. Our service gives you options. You can choose to embroider your workwear with your company logo and still benefit from the same discounts as those who just want generic clothing for their staff.

The range of garments available is truly spectacular. You can get polo shirts, sweaters, fleeces and jackets, all at discount rates. The variety that we offer enables you to provide your people with brand-appropriate workwear that complements the needs of your company. Oh, and you’re also able to provide customised gear for all seasons - after all, a business doesn’t stop just because it is sunny outside.


Free Logo Embroidery And Delivery On Package Deals


We think package deals should extend beyond merely giving you bulk discounts on clothing. It should be a holistic thing where you get everything you need, such as embroidery and delivery, for a single, low price.

Many companies will try to charge extra for embroidery and delivery services - it’s a way to add to the price and make more money overall. But we don’t think that this is right. That’s why we include everything, including delivery and embroidering, in almost all our package deals.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. A package deal should be all-inclusive. After all, if you’re using the work “package,” that’s what you would expect automatically. Ordering workwear bundles should never leave you feeling short-changed.

Workwear Bundles For Teams Of All Sizes

You might worry that you won’t be able to get a workwear bundle for the size of your team. Perhaps your team is just a handful of people, or maybe it is enormous. The great thing about our workwear bundles and package deals is that you can get them for teams of any size, big or small. When it comes to our packages, there’s no discrimination. If you operate a small group, then great. If you run a large enterprise, that’s great too. You can get the bundle that’s right for you.

Customised Bundles For Every Industry

The industry you work in is very different from others. People in the retail sector need different types of customised workwear than those who work in a factory. Equally, those who mainly work outside need different kinds of uniforms from those who work indoors.

The great thing about workwear bundles and package deals from us is that you can get uniforms for practically any sector. In other words, you’re not excluded, just because the work that you do is a little unusual.

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